Folks, please meet SteVe. SteVe is a software to manage charge points for electric vehicles. It was developed at the renowned RWTH Aachen university, and it is free to use (open sourced under the GPL license).

You can use SteVe to test and evaluate your ideas in the realm of e-mobility. SteVe comes with support for a variety of related protocols:

  • OCPP1.2S and OCPP1.2.J
  • OCPP1.5S and OCPP1.5J
  • OCPP1.6S and OCPP1.6J

A group of SteVe enthusiasts maintains a curated list of charge point models that have been tested with SteVe. You can find it here: .

The SteVe team maintains a GitHub repository ( There, you can find the source code as well as instructions on how to spin up your own SteVe instance.

For the German-speaking amongst you: the name "SteVe" is a combination of Ste (short for "Steckdose", German for "socket") and Ve (short for "Verwaltung", German for management).

Have fun with SteVe!